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How to Hang Your Christmas Lights

November 25, 20222 min read

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about decorations, specifically Christmas lights. While we doubt that most of you will go to the Clark Griswald extreme, it is still important to understand the best ways to put up your lights. You don’t want them to put your roof or gutters in jeopardy. 

Before we jump in, the first and most important thing you should remember is safety. Make sure to use a solid and sturdy latter; you don’t want it collapsing. Also, be mindful of your surroundings. The last thing you want is to accidentally fall off your ladder or roof. With that being said, here are four simple tips to protect your roof while decorating this holiday season:

Never hang your lights from your shingles: Your shingles protect the barrier between you and the outside world. You could damage your protection if you poke holes in them with nails/screws or pull on the clips. It is best to just put lights on the edge of your roof. 

Use plastic clips to keep your lights up: If you stick to the recommended weight load, plastic clips specifically designed for hanging lights are better, more roof-friendly choices. Make sure not to use nails. Using a nail gun to put up your holiday lights can damage your roof. At the end of the season, you will also need to remove them, which can be a hassle.

Don’t have too much weight: While a typical string of Christmas lights is fine, avoid hanging heavy objects from your gutters. Things like garland and ribbon can add added pressure to your gutters, causing them to bend or even break off. It’s best to just stick to typical lights.

 Lastly, try to avoid walking on your roof: While we understand that sometimes this is inevitable when putting up lights, less is more. Shingles are not meant to be walked on. Doing so can cause damage to your shingles and potentially your roof. It’s best to just avoid it altogether if you can. 

With these tips in mind, you can get into the holiday season, while still protecting your roof. If you have more questions about how to safely decorate your home this holiday season, be sure to reach out to Renaissance Contracting & Roofing.

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