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3 signs you need a roof replacement

September 09, 20221 min read

3 signs you need a roof replacement

Taking care of your home is one of the many responsibilities of a good homeowner. Maintaining your roof and identifying when it is time to replace it is part of those responsibilities. For your convenience, here are three signs you need a roof replacement.

Visible leaks or interior water damage: The most common way to know whether or not you need a roof replacement is if you have leaks or water damage. Several factors can cause your roof to leak, such as poor installation, weather damage, or worn-out materials. Taking care of these leaks and damages immediately can prevent mold growth and structural damage.

Shingle Damage: Your shingles are the most visible part of your roof and home. Some typical forms of visual damage include cracked or curled shingles, loose or missing shingles, unwanted plant growth, and damage or discoloration around vents, chimneys, and skylights.

Rot: If your roof has started to sink, it's likely to be suffering from rot. The structure of your roof should be strong and straight. You should contact a roofing expert immediately if you notice your roofline dipping, sagging, or curving. If you let the rot continue, you could end up with a caved-in roof.

Watching for these three signs will help prevent you from ignoring potentially irreparable damage to your home. If you begin to notice any of these signs or are concerned for the health of your roof, reach out to Renaissance Roofing today!

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